How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger img

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Find out how to transform your small bathroom into a roomy retreat. Find out how to visually increase your bathroom and create a spacious and welcoming ambience. We’ll show you how to turn your little bathroom into a luxurious getaway, from colour schemes to creative storage ideas. Say goodbye to crowded spaces and welcome to a luxuriously roomy bathroom. 

Let’s dig into How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger.

Small bathroom? No problem! Here are 19 tips and tricks to make it look bigger.

Small bathroom? No problem! Here are 19 tips and tricks to make it look bigger imgDiscover 19 expert tricks to turn your small bathroom into a roomy haven. These suggestions can assist you in creating the impression of a bigger space. Say goodbye to claustrophobic spaces and hello to a welcoming, breezy bathroom.

  • Lighten up with a bright colour scheme

Start by bringing more light into a small bathroom by choosing a cheerful colour palette. Choose delicate, gentle hues like pastels or neutrals like whites, creams, or light grays. These colours reflect light and provide the impression of openness and space. 

Avoid using dark, intense hues that could make the space feel cramped. Additionally, strategically place mirrors throughout the bathroom to reflect light and give the area a feeling of depth. A well-lit and bright bathroom will appear larger and feel more spacious.

  • Utilize mirrors strategically

Intelligent use of mirrors may dramatically increase the appearance of space in a tiny bathroom. To reflect natural or artificial light, use mirrors on the walls opposite windows or light sources. This is to brighten the area and provide the impression of depth. 

Consider putting a huge mirror over the vanity to increase the visual depth and give the impression that the space is more significant. Mirrors improve illumination and visually enlarge the bathroom’s limits, making it more spacious.

  • Install a glass shower enclosure
    Install a glass shower enclosure img

A glass shower enclosure is a terrific method to enlarge the appearance of a tiny bathroom. Unimpeded sightlines are made possible by the transparency of the glass, creating the impression of increased openness and space. It eliminates obstructions that might make the bathroom seem claustrophobic

The bathroom is made brighter overall because of the clear glass, which enables light to penetrate. A glass enclosure can also give the area a clean, contemporary style while maintaining the bathroom’s visual connection. It gives the impression that the space is more significant.

  • Choose a pedestal sink or floating vanity

Choose a pedestal sink or floating vanity img

Depending on your objectives and the space in your bathroom, choose between a pedestal sink and a floating vanity. A floating vanity is an excellent choice to make the most of your floor space and give the room a more open appearance. 

It provides storage without coming in contact with the floor, giving the impression that the bathroom is more extensive. On the other hand, a pedestal sink is a traditional option for smaller bathrooms since it requires less area and offers a sense of elegance. Consider your storage requirements and overall design style to pick the best choice.

  • Use recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is a beautiful technique to enlarge the appearance of a tiny bathroom. Since hanging fixtures might clog up the space, recessed lights are fitted flush with the ceiling. This simplified layout gives the space a neater, more open appearance. 

Recessed lighting also disperses light uniformly, minimizing shadows and boosting the bathroom’s general brightness. Recessed lighting makes bathrooms appear more prominent and cozier by removing heavy light fixtures and evenly illuminating the room.

  • Maximize natural light

To seem more significant, a tiny bathroom needs as much natural light as possible. Use translucent curtains or leave windows open to let the sunshine stream in, creating a light and airy feeling. Avoid using window coverings that are too dark or heavy to allow natural light through. 

Use reflecting materials to bounce light throughout the space and increase brightness, such as mirrors and light-coloured tiles. Natural light will allow you to enlarge the bathroom and visually create a more attractive atmosphere.

  • Opt for large-scale patterns

Large-scale patterns in the décor are an excellent choice to make a tiny bathroom appear more prominent. Use wallpaper or tiles with significant, exaggerated patterns. These patterns give the impression of space and direct the eye outward, giving the impression that the room is more significant. 

Avoid subtle patterns that could make the room appear crowded and bustling. Large-scale patterns provide the bathroom visual appeal without being overpowering, offering a chic and practical approach to increase the appearance of space.

  • Install open shelves

Install open shelves img

Installing open shelves is a clever storage idea that can make a tiny bathroom appear more prominent. Instead of closed cupboards, open shelves give the room a sense of openness and airiness because they don’t visibly enclose it. 

You can keep the floor and walls from cluttering by placing necessary objects and ornamental items on the shelves. This minimalist design gives the bathroom a sense of visual space and modernizes the decor. Keep the shelves neat and arranged to retain the appearance of a more oversized, spacious bathroom.

  • Consider a pocket door

A pocket door could be a sensible and space-saving option for a tiny bathroom. Pocket doors slip into the wall when opened, conserving important floor space instead of conventional swinging doors. Because there is no longer a requirement for door clearance, the bathroom appears larger and less crowded. 

Additionally adding to the bathroom’s overall visual appeal are pocket doors, which give the area a seamless, contemporary appearance. A pocket door can be installed to make the most of the available space and increase the bathroom’s appearance of spaciousness.

  • Keep the floor visible

Keep as much of the floor exposed as possible to give the illusion that the bathroom is more extensive. Keep your floor clear of extra furniture and storage items. To keep floor space free, use open shelves and wall-mounted storage options. The unobstructed visual flow produced by a clean floor area gives the impression of more room and openness.

  •  Choose a wall-mounted toilet

Choose a wall-mounted toilet img

Choosing a wall-mounted toilet for a tiny bathroom is a wise decision. Since wall-mounted toilets are built right into the wall, they free up significant floor space and give the room a more open appearance. These toilets have a sleek and simple design that complements the contemporary feel of the bathroom because the cistern is hidden within the wall

Additionally, their higher location makes sweeping the floor simpler. A wall-mounted toilet is an excellent option for smaller areas since it saves space. It creates the illusion of a more oversized, more open bathroom.

  • Use vertical storage

A practical method for making the most of the space in a tiny bathroom is vertical storage. Use high shelves or cabinets that reach the ceiling to make the most of vertical space. This method lets you keep things without taking up valuable floor space

Towels, toiletries, and other necessities can be kept off the countertop and floor using wall-mounted racks, hooks, or shelves. Utilizing vertical storage eliminates clutter, giving the bathroom a more orderly and spacious sense.

  • Incorporate glass accents

Glass accents are a great way to enlarge and elevate a tiny bathroom’s appearance. Consider including glass components like tiles, shower doors, or shelving. Since glass is transparent, light can pass through it, improving the room’s brightness and openness. 

Additionally reflecting light, glass accents give the appearance of depth and optical enlargement. These glass accents can give the bathroom a more upscale look while also giving the impression that the area is more extensive and cozier.

  • Opt for a frameless shower door
    Opt for a frameless shower door img

Deciding to install a frameless shower door is a genius move to enlarge and modernize a tiny bathroom. Frameless doors ‘ minimum hardware creates a smooth and unfettered vision, allowing light to flow across the room quickly. 

The absence of a frame creates the appearance of openness and space, making the shower area and the entire bathroom appear more prominent. Frameless shower doors‘ modern, elegant style gives the bathroom a sense of class and refinement, boosting its overall visual appeal.

  • Use light-coloured grout

To provide the impression of space in a tiny bathroom, use grout that is light in colour. White or light hues of grout mix with the tiles and give the area a seamless appearance. This makes the walls and floor look more extensive and less cluttered visually

On the other hand, dark grout lines can provide a grid-like impression that can make the bathroom appear smaller and more constricted. Light-coloured grout increases the bathroom’s overall brightness and openness, making the area look more prominent and cozier.

  • Remove unnecessary clutter

It’s essential to clear out extra clutter to make a tiny bathroom appear more prominent. Keep only what is necessary on display and arrange the remainder in cabinets or shelves. To make a room feel clean and open, keep the number of decorations and accessories minimum

Try to fill the counters with only a few decorative or toiletry things. By decluttering, you can clear up valuable surface space and preserve a clean look. A bathroom with little clutter offers more excellent space, making the area seem light and welcoming.

  • Install a skylight

Installing a skylight is the best approach to introducing natural light into a tiny bathroom, creating the illusion of space and openness. A skylight in the ceiling lets sunshine stream in, eradicating shadows and gloomy nooks. This additional light increases the brightness overall and creates the appearance of a bigger, more open room. 

The bathroom’s link to the sky above gives the room a sense of openness. It adds a distinctive touch to the design, making it a warm and eye-catching space.

  • Choose a wall-mounted faucet
    Choose a wall-mounted faucet img

A great space-saving option for a tiny bathroom is a wall-mounted faucet. Wall-mounted faucets are fixed directly on the wall above the sink, replacing the countertop and standard deck-based faucet requirement. This design not only offers a clean and uncluttered appearance, but it also frees up crucial counter space. 

Wall-mounted faucets are the perfect option for smaller bathrooms since they offer a contemporary and stylish touch to the décor. They help create the illusion of a larger, more streamlined space.

  • Create visual depth with layered lighting

To add depth and create a visually attractive bathroom, use several lighting levels, such as wall sconces, recessed, and vanity lights. Using layered lighting methods, a play of light and shadow gives the room a dynamic, spacious feeling. Use dimmers to change the lighting intensity to suit your needs and mood.

The Bottom Line

With these clever tricks, you can easily make your small bathroom look bigger and more welcoming. Embrace the power of light, mirrors, Glass, and intelligent design choices to create a spacious and luxurious atmosphere. Transform your petite bathroom into a grand retreat, and enjoy the feeling of openness and comfort every day.

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