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Welcome to Cultured Marble. This is the ideal place to find the best shower walls, pans, vanities, shower doors and other bathroom accessories. We value quality and make sure that our goods are top-of-the-line by always working with reliable mills in the USA.
At Cultured marble, we believe in high-quality as well as exceptional customer service. That’s why we focus on delivering the best products at affordable prices. Our customers have always been and still are our main priority. We’re committed to working hard and building long-lasting relationships with them through our products.


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We intend to serve the hospitality industry to help the leading hospitality brands uplift their guest appearance by offering them comfortable, unique, and affordable shower space.
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Student Housing

Cultured Marble has redefined student housing by elevating the standard of student housing. Cultured Marble aims to cater to students by providing top-notch bathroom accessories.
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Our innovative nations in bathroom accessories have set us apart. The quality of our products is never compromised when it comes to multi-family.
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Senior Living

We care for our seniors. Thus, we simplify their lives by introducing user-friendly and fancy bathroom accessories.
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Expertise and Innovation Of Bathroom to Inspire You

Designing a bathroom that inspires you to have to elevate your bathroom. Innovating a bathroom requires deep research into trending bathroom accessories. An innovative bathroom consists of user-friendly, fancy, and, most importantly, affordable products. Each product must be comfortable, from the wash basin to the shower pans.  
Cultured Marble has been providing Shower Pan & Panel Solutions for Shower Spaces for the past many years, which means we are an experienced company with expertise in designing and installing shower walls, shower doors, vanities, tubs, and showers. If you are looking for a company that can provide a luxurious look to your bathroom, Cultured Marble is the best choice for you. The expertise of our company is unmatchable and worth praising.

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