Shower Doors

Why Are Shower Doors Essential?

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Let’s get a deep insight into shower doors. Shower doors are glass panels that prevent water from splashing throughout the bathroom. Moreover, shower doors offer elegance and style to your bathroom that shower curtains can’t match. Glass shower doors were invented in the late 1960s and were considered for the rich. As the product became widely available, people ditched their curtains and installed glass shower doors.

Choosing the Right Shower Door with Cultured Marble

Choosing the right shower door can be stressful for everyone. You must consider some factors when selecting a glass shower door for your bathrooms. The first is choosing the right glass for your shower door. Clear glass will provide a modern and clean look, while patterned glass will provide more privacy. Another factor that needs attention is the thickness of the glass. A minimum of 3/8-in. Experts in Cultured Marble always recommend guaranteeing stability.
Enhance your Shower Doors with Cultured Marble image

Enhance your Shower Doors with Cultured Marble

Cultured Marble provides a variety of shower doors designed to give a fancy look to your bathroom. The variety includes glass shower doors and Maax shower doors. We always strive for shower doors because we understand their importance. We have a pool of experienced experts in designing and installing shower doors.