Student Housing

Providing Bathroom Accessories to Student Housing

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Cultured Marble aims to bring unique and unmatched expertise and proficiency to student housing. The competitive student housing market is complicated as students are young, so their demands and requirements require much work. Cultured Marble has always lived up to the expectation of the students and has always provided the experience of luxurious hotels. The top-notch customer service and expertise in the installation of Shower walls, shower doors, vanities, tubs, and showers have made us one of the leading companies for bathroom accessories in Canada.
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Resilient Materials

We know students can be tough on their apartments, but our shower systems can stand up to the job. Our cast polymer shower systems are especially durable and stand up to high-traffic use. Our proprietary gel coating is oil and stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and does not yellow with age. Best of all, our showers can be returned to like-new quality with a simple cleaning – no aggressive maintenance or replacement required between tenants. Our groutless, non-porous, anti-scratch materials make tenant turnover a breeze. No need to re-grout or re-paint; use a gentle everyday cleaner and a microfiber cloth to return our shower systems to their original shine.

Completely Customizable Shower Spaces

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The best part of working with Cultured Marble is that it allows customers to choose commercial shower solutions. You can access various patterns, textures, patterns, and colors designed by our experts. You can customize the color of your shower panels by choosing a custom pigment to add to our gel coating. Cultured Marble also offers accessories and ADA-compliant amenities to add to your showers to accommodate many needs. From footrests to safety bars and beyond, we can also help you provide the best shower experience for everyone.

Quick and Easy Installation

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Cultured Marble ensures that manufacturing, shipping, and installation processes are done correctly. The accessories and materials arrive at your location safely and timely. Our teams of installers are equipped with all the equipment that is required to install bathroom accessories in your bathroom. You can find a hammer, plass, or other equipment easily. Our team members are skilled at installing effectively and easily.