Meeting The Needs Of Multi-Family Developments Through Our Bathroom Accessories
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Cultured Marble aims to bring innovation to the tub and shower surround industry. We understand that large multi-family projects require efficient workers to keep the installation process smooth and effective. The existing shower walls, doors, vanities, tubs, and showers must be in order, heavy, corrosive, and hard to ship. Cultured Marble brings ease into your life by introducing modern Shower walls, shower doors, vanities, tubs, and showers for multi-families that are easy to ship, comfortable, and corrosion-resistant.
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Durable Tub

Now it’s time to remove the old shower surrounds and tubs. Cultured Marble offers a three-piece shower panel system made from a durable polymer material. The luxury shower panel system has the potential to resist corrosion.

Worry-Free Maintenance

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Maintenance of the bathrooms is very stressful. Maintenance of the bathrooms depends on how well the tenants kept the bathrooms and for how long they stayed in the apartment. Redesigning a bathroom for the new tenant is one of the hard jobs to do. Acquiring services from Cultured Marble makes you worry-free when designing and installing shower walls, shower doors, vanities, tubs, and showers in multi-family apartments.

Cultured Marble’s products are designed from cast polymer, the new material for multi-family communities. The best feature of cast polymer, which makes it best for multi-family residents, is groutless, anti-porous, and scratch-resistant. If the tenant has damaged a portion of the shower, you need only replace the panel instead of the whole unit.

Guaranted Luxury

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We understand our customers’ needs and requirements. We always look for innovation in our products to make them luxurious for our customers. Our creative experts design bathroom products and accessories, making us stand out from the competition.