Senior Living

Creating Accessibility for Seniors Through Our Bathroom Accessories

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Cultured Marble knows showers importance and related accessories and products in senior living apartments. Our pool of experienced and expert engineers has developed various kinds of walk-in showers that are user-friendly, easy to install and do not require cleanliness frequently. If you have any queries regarding shower walls or doors, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be glad to serve you with our best services.

Non-Porous and Hygienic Products

Many shower products are occupied by bacteria and germs that can harm seniors. Cultured Marble has introduced cast polymer shower systems that keep bacteria and germs away and prevent seniors. The product is designed in a non-porous way, which helps to eliminate mold development. The surface of the accessories is oil-resistant, stain resistant, and hygienic. Cultured Marble has installed its products in many senior living communities, and customer feedback is worth it.

Accessories To Meet All Needs

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Cultured Marble focuses on the comfort and safety of senior tenants, and it has always been our priority. We are equipped with all the essential accessories to design a comfortable bathroom for senior living. Our accessories are made of cast polymer material and are finished with a durable gel coating.

We at Cultured Marble also design customized bathrooms on your request. We allow you to choose the pigment of your choice, and our team of experts will design the bathroom for you. So what are you waiting for? Work with us and design safe bathrooms for senior living.      

Work With Our Experts

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The experience of working with our experts is mind-blowing because our team is highly proficient at customizing and installing bathroom products and accessories, including shower walls, shower doors, vanities, tubs, and showers. We have a vast knowledge of each product and suggest the right product according to their requirements to our customers. We deliver materials on time and safely.